We'd like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. And our christmas gift to you is a brand new MOLOTOVJIVE.SE ! Tune in to the brand new website with direct social network access and alot of other super neat features. Tell your friends! More exiting news in the pipeline...

Happy Xmas, lot's of love! // Anton, Johnny, Anders, Oskar


Live vids from Cirkus!

Here are NO WORDS and 29 from the Cirkus show we just did with Suede. Check it!




New look...?

We are soon launching the new Molotovjive.se website. We wanted to have a new look to suit the new music you are soon gonna hear, and also we wanted to integrate our facebook/myspace/spotify/youtube/whathaveyou into this blog...

So, what would you like for the new Molotov Jive site? Pics? A forum? An iPhone app? Tell us!

/ MJ


Thank You Cirkus!

photo by rockfoto.

Last night we premiered our new material and our new live set up as support for Suede at Cirkus in Stockholm. 7 new songs were performed to the sold out arena. Big thanks to everyone who attended and to Suede for taking so good care of us. And to Andreas, our new keyboard player. Hope you like us as much as we like you. Brett Anderson watched our set from the sideline and is since last night a fan.

photo by rockfoto.

There will be some video from the Cirkus show up here shortly.
Love / Anton A


Molotov Jive featuring Dunno

Back in 06, when we recorded the Made In Spain video in Barcelona, we became friends with a great spanish indie band by the name of Dunno. When they asked us to record a cover of The Zombies - Time Of The Seasons, with them for their new album we were glad to say Si!

Here's Time Of the Seasons by Molotov Jive and Dunno:
Dunno – Time Of The Season

And to reminisce, the Made In Spain video:




Molotov Jive will support Suede at Cirkus, Stockholm. The concert takes place 1st of December and we are really honoured to be the support of one of the greatest britpop bands of all time and also an important influence for all of us in Molotov Jive . We will only perform new songs from our upcoming album this special evening.

For tickets click here.
Classic Suede track click here.

//Molotov Jive


Manhattan Live In Antons Livingroom



Back at the crimescene

Back on the rooftop we recorded the Paint The City Black video! Not a hell of a lot going on up there. Much more is happening in other places. Things are changing in the MJ world. For the better. Wer're working on tons of new material that is really gonna pop out. I've been trying to write in new ways. Less words but the words who are there means more. That kind of thing. And we've become grander musically I now dare to say. When you'll hear some of it? Maybe sooner than you think. We're making extremely big plans for all of this and we count on it all becoming fulfilled. It feels a little weird trying to say something about it when I can't play some of it for you but that's sadly the way things are.
Maybe I'll post an acoustic video later this week. Sound good?

Stay dedicated! Peace and love! x Anton


St. Gallen

We arrived to St. Gallen last evening after driving along thunderstorms over the mountains of Switzerland. We spent the rest of the evening drinking beer at the Kulturfestival, witch we will perform at tonight, chit-chatting with the locals and making up big plans for MJ.
Next up is a bath in a fresh swizz spring before sound check.




Last night me and Anton went to see Arcade Fire at Dalhalla. It took us five hours to get there but it was totally worth it. The show was brilliant and I encourage you all, if you get a chance, you should go and see them.

quote Anton: "it's the best concert I've seen since Michael Jackson at Ullevi 1997"



Midsummer 2Lax10

Swedish heathen holiday coming up. Some are dancing round a blossoming pole. We are still recording and cutting corners in the Stockholm underground for financial benefit. Way to go Oskar! (pic by Jenny Vaz)

Happy midsummer/ MJ



I can hereby annouce that we, Molotov Jive will take a couple of days off from rehearsing and recordning the new album to do a show in Switzerland. It is the Kulturfestival in St Gallen and we will be playing on the 17 of july.
It's gonna be a blast!





Our good friend Erik a.k.a Mårten followed us a day last week when we were rehearsing and hung out. He's a great photographer, if you wanna see the result check out his blog
Take care//anders


Summer 10

Yes, it's true. The summer is finally a fact in our part of the world. Also Anders had his birthday yesterday. We celebrated him with records and rehearsing. Then we had a photo session in the sun with our friend Mårten behind the camera. The result will come asap.
On Saturday Johan and Anton will spin some wax when Vurma bar celebrate their first year in the business. Birger Jarlsgatan 36 is the adress. A perfect opportunity to hail the almighty sun if you ask me.



Växjö vacation?

Here's some footage from early this spring. More to come. xo Anton A



Just Leave On Visions.de

The news of our new song Just Leave spreads like the wind. It's now on the front page of German music magazine Visions. They write "The completely self-produced video shows the darkest song of the band so far".

Feel free to spread it yourself at any blog or facebook thing! Love / MJ


Just Leave live in church

Here's a new one for ya´ll.



Back home

Hi everybody! We got back safe but very late last night. London has treated us very well with a great audience at the show and endless nights with good people and loud music. I have looked through my camera and thought I might share some pictures from the weekend. Thank you for this time London. //Oskar


Cathedrals and seaguls

We've been in a cathedral all day, recording songs. Old and new. The place had great atmosphere of religious proportions (maybe obvious). We recorded and filmed church organ versions of the songs that we are gonna release sometime as the English Cathedral sessions, or at least that is our intention. Here's some pics. Lots of love / Anton and Ozzy

Fuck The Police!

Hell of a first day, boys and girls! Anton realised sooner than later that he left his passport behind. Again! We rushed in our car only to be caught by the long arm of the law. One speeding ticket later we were at Arlanda trying to change Johnny's ticket as it was booked in the name Johnny Annersand. We arrived in England last night with a cab waiting for us at the airport with a sign that said "Molotov Hives". We got into town and went for indian food.

Today we're getting down to bizz. Recording sessions are booked. The night is some kind of mingle party at a bank tonight, little food on toothpicks is just what I need. Don't ask us what we're doing at the bank cos we cannot tell you. Yet!!! :)

Catch you later! // MJ